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Do you desire to move your ministry into the 21st Century? To reach outside of the walls of your sanctuary and bring the message of Jesus to more people than ever before? Let our team of experts help move your ministry forward.

Audio Equipment
Performance Lighting

Great audio is imperative to moving your ministry forward. In today's society of high quality music and audio services, nobody wants to listen to bad audio coming from ancient sound equipment. Whether you need a new sound system installed, your sound engineer trained, your next album recorded, or a sound system provided for your next event,

Fresh Oil Studios has you covered.

One of the most neglected form of outreach in the church is video production and that must change in order for us to move forward into this Century. Video is the future for ministries and churches alike! But where do we start? Cameras, editing software, recorders, trained camera operators... it can all sound quite overwhelming and expensive.

Let Fresh Oil Studios help move you into the future!

Lighting is essential in making your in-person and online experience the best it can be. We want you to look your best and will work with you in order to get your vision to come to past. We also train all your volunteers to be able to operate your lights with excelleny. Call us today and lets fix your lighting today.

Livestreaming Enhancement

Livestreaming in today's church is a must. If you are not live streaming you need to be and it is so simple to start

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Pintrest, Periscope, Ect. Ect. Social media has taken over as today's main form of communication. Most church members spend just over an hour a week in church services. That is less than 1% of their time in a week worshipping and learning about God. We as churches and ministries need to be apart of the solution to get more people thinking about God more often in their busy schedules but the time and effort it takes to learn how to become effective on these platforms is at times overwhelming. That is why at Fresh Oil Studios we love helping churches and ministries grow their online reach and managing their social media platforms.

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